Cannabis vs. Alcohol. 7 Reasons Why Cannabis is Way Much Better

Cannabis and alcohol

If you ask anyone to choose what’s safe between cannabis and alcohol, they are likely to go for alcohol. Why? Because society has done a pretty good job in telling lies about alcohol and hiding the bad side of it. Just because alcohol is widely accepted as a drug doesn’t mean its safe either safe or good for your health.

In fact, there are a lot of worrying statistics revolving around alcohol one of which is the fact that, there are currently 15.1 million Americans that suffer from Alcohol use disorder. 15.1 million is approximately 8% of the entire US population. Now, do you see a problem with this? Most people have been putting too much emphasis on the ‘harmful’ effects of taking cannabis and note, the word harmful is rightfully enclosed in quotation marks because there simply isn’t anything harmful about weed. Everything you see in the media or other portals is just either pure speculation or conspiracy.

There are many more reasons why weed is the best alternative to its evil twin, cannabis.


1. Cannabis is the perfect treatment for hangovers

Firstly, by comparing the usage stats of alcohol and weed, you will note a singular fact that at least 70% of University students have tried alcohol at least once as compared to the 40% for weed. To most people, weed has a bad reputation for being the ideal getaway drug especially for first timers who’d want to try.

But these stats now clarify the issue better, alcohol is causing much more damage to our students as compared to weed and normally, binge drinks of alcohol often leads to undesirable hangovers that comes with undesirable side effects like Nausea, vomiting and headaches. Cannabis can be a useful treatment because it’s proven to be effective against nausea. Now, think about it, between cannabis and alcohol, what would you go for?


2. Alcohol is the fourth leading cause of death

Whenever you take a pint of alcohol, according to researchers, that’s minus one day from your entire life. There are a lot of chemicals in alcohol and each time you consume it some of those chemicals will have to be filtered by your liver. And each time the liver overworks itself, it is depleted. This explains why, according to the NIAAA, there are about 95000 people who lose their lives each and every year due to alcohol abuse. This is why it’s better to go for Cannabis because someone died of taking a lot of Cannabis said no one ever.


3. Cannabis is actually great for your brain

There are some people who still believe the claims that cannabis burns your brain cells. Although these claims are popular, they are not true. Researchers actually concluded that alcohol changes the patterns in your brain structure as compared to cannabis. Apart from that, cannabis slows and even sometimes helps prevent against cognitive neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s.


4. Cannabis has amazing medical properties

To most people, their reason for taking alcohol is for recreational purposes. Although they will get to enjoy and have fun for the meantime, that’s all there is to taking alcohol. But with cannabis, the story is different, you can get to have amazing fun whilst enjoying amazing medicinal properties that will help prevent against diseases like diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

To conclude, I will ask you, given the choice between cannabis and alcohol, what would you choose?