Cannabis Plant Yield: How to Grow for Better Yields and Potency?

cannabis plant yield, cannabis, medical marijuana

Have you ever considered growing a cannabis plant of your own? Well with the increased cannabis culture throughout the world, people have grown very interested in this particular plant. Many individuals are growing this plant indoors or in their garden. This plant can be easily grown and it does not require a lot of attention. This has resulted in more and more people cultivating this ‘crop’ in their fields and gardens.

If a cannabis plant is allowed to grow naturally it will grow one topmost bud. This will grow as far as it is allowed to grow. Now this particular bud may not have the required potency. Scientists and cultivators came up with two techniques to improve cannabis plant yield. They are called LST (Low Stress Training) and HST (High Stress Training) Methods.

A full frame of marijuana foliage, background wallpaper, cannabis plant yieldLow Stress Training

Auxin is a plant hormone that is responsible for its vertical growth. This compound is concentrated at the top of the cannabis plant. In the LST method the plant is bent down manually and the longer branches are tied down. This enables even spreading of Auxin. As a result of this more bud growth sites are generated and more ‘colas’ are produced at the flowering stage thus improving cannabis plant yield.

Another similar technique called Sea of Green involves putting a screen over the plant to prevent excess growth of branches. If a branch grows too long it is simply tucked back into the screen. This spreads the Auxin out and generates a canopy like formation of buds.

cannabis plant yield, cannabis, medical marijuana High Stress Training

This technique is used in case of large cultivation. The process is cheaper and requires lesser materials. HST should be carried out during the vegetative stage of the plant and care should be taken to prevent any stress during the flowering period (except in case of super cropping).

The first HST cannabis plant yield improvement method is called topping. This is simply removing the top of the plant to produce more buds. In the FIM technique a very small portion of the top of the plant is cut to generate four off shoots instead of two. In case of super cropping the stem is allowed to bend over until the fibre breaks. This gives more light exposure to the whole plant.

Using these methods will definitely improve the yield and potency of your cannabis plant.