Meet the new cannabis Patch to treat Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Nerve Pain

The Effective Pain Reliever for Nerve Pain

Over the past few years, cannabis has been growing incredibly popular in the US especially when the former US President Barack Obama suggested that the herb should just be treated and regulated the same way alcohol and cigarettes are.

On a finance perspective, this has presented a lot of opportunities for various companies because in addition to being a very effective pain reliever, cannabis is also good on generating revenue effectively.

One of those companies that specializes in using and modifying cannabis to use it for medicinal purposes has come up with a solution that would be used and be very effective in treating both diabetic nerve pain and some rare symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Yes, some other companies have successfully managed to modify cannabis and make excellent by products that can be used to enhance for very effective medicinal purposes but the achievement of of this particular company has been receiving much praise because it has the capacity to transform the medical industry forever and shed cannabis in the positive light.

The medicines made from this patch of cannabis are primarily designed to be taken on as transdermal patches. If you are not familiar with such patches, here is a brief explanation for you. Transdermal patches are adhesive, meaning that to be effective, they have to be attached to skin where they then release certain chemicals over a specified time period. These chemicals will then go ahead and fight the symptoms of neurological nerve pain that is associated with diseases like diabetes.

The most amazing thing is that they made this patch very easy to use. Basically, you’ll gave to administer this dosage once a day at a time that’s convenient for you and it won’t come with any resultant side-effects whatsoever.

Before I go on, I think I had almost forgotten to reveal the company behind this amazing discovery. The company is Cannabis science. If you’ve heard of them, then you are probably familiar with another invention of theirs that is very has continually proven to be very effective in dealing with headaches. They do great work.

According to the official communique from Cannabis science regarding the patch, they said,” Promote healing to an injured area of the body. An advantage of a transdermal drug delivery route over other types of medication delivery such as oral, topical, intravenous, intramuscular, etc. is that the patch provides a controlled release of the medication into the patient, usually through either a porous membrane covering a reservoir of medication or through body heat melting thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive which will be containing high potency cannabinoid (CBD) extract that slowly enters into the bloodstream and then penetrates the central nervous system of the patient delivering the pain relief sought.”

If you are familiar with cannabis, then you probably appreciate the fact that there are two major cannabinoids in Cannabis, CBD and THC. In the strain, CBD is in a major quantity as compared to THC and CBD is a very effective pain reliever that comes with no side effects.

This is a great achievement for the cannabis industry that is really bound to revolutionize the whole health sector.