Lupus & Cannabis: How Cannabis Helps Lupus?

cannabis helps lupus, cannabis, medical marijuana

In order to know how cannabis helps lupus, we must first know what lupus is. Lupus is a disease or health condition that causes inflammation in your body, especially in your joints, kidneys, skin and brain. The most commonly known form of lupus is known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, and (SLE) and it affects multiple organs.

cannabis helps lupus, lupus, Lupus, in addition to causing inflammation, also causes hyperactivity of the immune system. This leads the immune system be confused about the healthy tissues and blood cells of the body, and release antibodies to destroy them. Thus, lupus patients experience chronic pain, in addition to swelling, essential tissue damage and other health conditions due to loss of vital tissues and body cells.

Presently, there is no known cure for lupus, but some of its symptoms can be treated with prescribed medicine. It does have unpleasant side effects, which once again can be remedied using prescribed medicine and painkillers.

cannabis helps lupus, cannabis, medical marijuanaTypes Of Lupus                        

Lupus, just like HIV is an autoimmune disease. This means, that it attacks your immunity system first, weakening it and then spreading to different body parts. Depending on the body part it affects, lupus can be divided into two primary types – drug induced lupus and non-drug induced lupus. As you might know, many legal prescription drugs cause drug-induced lupus.  The types of drug induced lupus are lupus nephritis, and lupus cutaneous. The lupus nephritis affects the kidneys, which lupus cutaneous affects the skin causing rash across the nose.

How Cannabis Helps Lupus

Cannabis can be used for treating patients suffering from Lupus, because it reduces pain and inflammation. If the patients are still on the prescribed medication and don’t want to quit, smoking cannabis joints can be helpful.  In case patients are not accustomed to smoking, vaporizing cannabis or using cannabis oil in diffusers is also equally beneficial.  Vaporizing is more effective than smoking because smoking causes toxin to accumulate in the body. However, vaporization does not have the same effect. It also release a larger dose of helpful cannaboids in the air and body system, providing with better health benefits, than the burnt cannabis joints.

If you are planning to switch from cannabis pills, cannabis oil or CBD oil (as it is commonly known), can be a good option. If you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea or other sleep related problems, you can try out edibles laced with cannabis. They are easy to digest, and absorb, but contains all the necessary ingredients.