Autism & Cannabis: How Effective is Cannabis for Autism?

Cute 6 years old boy looking through the window, autism, cannabis for autism

Cannabis has existed on the surface of the earth for millions of years. People have used this particular plant for a very long time. Usage of marijuana dates back to the 200 to 300 B.C. where doctors and quacks used it to relieve pain and other symptoms. The scenario is far more complicated today. Cannabis is the reason behind thousands of debates and discussions. For some, cannabis is a natural wonder. For the rest, it’s just another harmful drug.

Inspite of all the unrest, marijuana is being used in many sectors of the market today. Its biggest usage is in the medicine market. Doctors and dispensaries all over the world are now relying on cannabis treatment to treat diseases like diabetes, sickle cell anemia, glaucoma, ADHD, schizophrenia, spinal pain, chronic pain and many more. Now the question is‘can one use cannabis for autism treatment?’

Cute 6 years old boy looking through the window, autism, cannabis for autismWhat is Autism?

Autism is a brain disorder that is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. This leads to improper development of brain. It is caused by a combination of genetic mutations and environmental factors, such as advanced parental age and pregnancy problems.

The treatment of autism is different from other disease treatments. The psychologist or the doctor relies on social skill coaching rather than medication. There are some medications which may help the child in relaxing and lessen the effects. There is no concrete cure for this disease.

cannabis for autism, autism, cannabisCannabis and Autism

Cannabis has never been used to treat autism in the past. The doctors are not sure about how cannabis is going to affect the brain of an autistic patient. There is no empirical or statistical data on cannabis for autism treatment. The reason behind this is, doctors haven’t really tested cannabis on autistic patients properly due to risk of harmful outcomes.

This lack of scientific data has made cannabis treatment a major risk. Even though the data is inconclusive, there have been positive anecdotes from patients and doctors. Autistic patients and doctors who have taken the risk of marijuana treatment have said that cannabis does reduce symptoms of autism.

So until there is solid evidence of cannabis for autism treatment, one has to still rely on coaching and role playing.