Cannabis in Colorado- The insiders are discussing the past, present, and future of the pot industry


Cannabis in Colorado is trending like anything nowadays. The insiders are discussing the past, present, and future of the pot industry and here is what they have come to know about this industry. It is always so refreshing and new to see the state celebrating the success of cannabis business here.

Cannabis in Colorado
Cannabis in Colorado

Director of Green Dragon Dispensaries Discussed the Pot Industry

Yes, the director of this dispensary recently had a discussion with almost 30 people. Even the Sweet Grass Kitchen edibles marketing director Jesse Burns, and former Denver Post marijuana editor Ricardo Baca were there in the discussion. They were explaining how the pot industry has evolved in the Colorado. Baca was even into the cannabis job after which she never looked back. Burns has a different story of the pot industry. After the successful transition from California’s Golden Triangle of outdoor pot to a regulated market, he has assisted Sweet Grass to make a consistent presence in Colorado dispensaries. They are the proud owner of the first edible companies of marijuana here as well.

Green Dragon Dispensaries
Green Dragon Dispensaries

The Pot Industry has come a Long Way

It seems that the natural healing herb has come a long way. Also, Green Dragon is one of the five topmost dispensary chains in the state. The evolution of the pot industry has been delayed due to the illegal status of marijuana here. Baca believes that the cannabis doesn’t have the presence on Wall Street like other big brands. So, it is not going to crash as hard as these big names of the Colorado.

Burn even said that the dot com industry boomed once upon a time and people were buying PCs like crazy. But do you know that people were even buying weed way before it was legal? People have always been buying cannabis and will continue to do the same. So, the cannabis industry will have to supply enough material to satisfy the demand of the customers. No matter, if they are demanding vaporizer batteries that shuts off after a particular dosage or edibles that kick in quicker.

Cannabis in Colorado
Cannabis in Colorado

The Industry has changed and the trend will continue

The industry has evolved so far and will continue to do the same in the coming future. It has been rapidly changing since 2014 when recreational business began the production. You may know that the THC (water-soluble), terpene extraction, and even distillate concentrates have marked their presence in this market. It is the CBD and THC that are gaining popularity across the world. And, believe it, with the passing time; even the professionals dealing in the cannabis are also following the rules and regulations to master this market, properly.

The Conclusion

No matter what the pot industry is rising in all the ways. Cannabis in Colorado was in demand, is still in, and perhaps will stay here forever, no matter what the legality status is.