What can I do with my Cannabis Stems?

Colorful cocktails close up, cannabis cocktail, cannabis stem

There can be nothing worse than having to discard a marijuana plant. There are so many purposes that such a plant can serve for you apart from making you high. If you have dispensed with all the marijuana leaves and are left with Cannabis stems avoiding throwing them away. You can actually put these to good use instead of throwing them away. To know more about how you can utilize the stems of the Cannabis plant read on.

Make Mouthwatering THC Butter

You can always create some delicious THC butter with your Cannabis stems. Making THC butter using Cannabis stems is similar to making THC butter using flower or trim. You need to make sure that you have a lot of stems at your disposal to create this dish successfully.

You must first grind the stems in a food processor. Then fry the grounds in a saucepan for forty five minutes with some butter. Keep stirring until the mixture has turned a light brown color. Strain this melted butter so as to remove the plant matter in a successful manner. You can then keep the residue in the fridge or use it immediately.

Colorful cocktails close up, cannabis cocktail, cannabis stemWhip Up a Cannabis Cocktail

Stirring up a lovely cocktail is also something that you can easily do with your Cannabis stems. Such an alcohol tincture made using Cannabis stems is known popularly as Green Dragon.

You need to first get hold of some grain alcohol. Pour this into the Cannabis stem jar and then fill it right up to the top. Let the stems soak in the alcohol for a week. The THC from the stems shall get completely drained resulting in an alcohol tincture infused with marijuana.

You must then pour the solution through the strainer for removing plant matter and enjoy your cocktail.

cannabis herbal tea, cannabis stemsMake Cannabis Tea

You can make some wonderful tea using stems of the Cannabis plant. For this the stems which you have should be cut length wise exposing the white centre. You then need to boil plenty of water in a pitcher. After you have boiled the water pour this over the sliced stems within a pitcher as well.

You can add some lemon or a tea bag for flavor. You have to allow the concoction to soak in the pitcher for about a day or so. Thereafter, you can use a strainer and extract plant matter from the stems.