Costs Of Growing Cannabis At Home vs. Buying Bud At A Dispensary

Marijuana buds in the glass plate on the wooden board, marijuana buds, marijuana bud

With the ever expanding cannabis culture, more and more people are delving into the world of weed. Cannabis is a plant that has more than just a few good aspects. The flowers, leaves and buds are consumed in order to treat diseases or for recreational purposes. The fibre from the stem of this plant is called industrial hemp. The hemp is used to produce several products like ropes, bags and canes. In some villages in India, the cannabis indica roots are also put to good use. So in short, every part of the cannabis plant is useful.

Marijuana buds in the glass plate on the wooden board, buying buds, marijuana buds, marijuana budMajority of the nations of the world have put a ban on cannabis putting it in the list of weaker drugs. Buying bud or a strain can be tricky if it’s legal. Even if you decide to buy it from a dispensary, there are a lot of strings attached. When it comes to growing, there’s even more hassle. There are straight regulations on growing and cultivating cannabis.

So how does one decide on whether to grow cannabis or to simple buy it?

Cannabis Shop or Dispensary

States that have legalized medical or recreational cannabis have their own cannabis counters and shops that sell medicinal or recreational cannabis to suitable users. The problem with buying bud or flower from shops is you don’t always get what you want. You are not allowed to buy above a certain amount of cannabis. The costs are pretty high due to the legalization laws. A gram of flower can cost up to $20 and can cost up to $360 if you’re buying an ounce. Same goes for edibles and concentrates.

buying bud, Auto Purple Kush, cannabis crystals trichomes, marijuana plant medical tool against pain, buds hemp ripe, buying budsDue to high taxes and regulations, the packaging and distribution of cannabis is difficult and expensive.

Growing at Home

Growing cannabis does not require a lot of effort. It doesn’t require very fertile soil and can grow without much operational cost. It is like maintaining a potted plant at home. If you are serious about growing the plant and consuming the flowers, you have to be alert and careful. Growing your own cannabis plant gives you complete control over the product. It also helps you learn about the plant and various growing techniques. Even though this requires a lot of time and effort, you will explore aspects like genetics, harvest times, and curing strategies and thereby enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So access your time and resources before you go ahead and decide on buying bud from dispensaries or growing your own plant.