Bud Rot: How to Deal with this Cannabis Plant Mold


If you are fond of growing cannabis plants, you need to know this is not immune to the growth of mold. Mold grows in the densest cores of its buds. This is also known as bud rot. The infection starts from inside the stem and it spreads outwards. As a result, it can be quite difficult for you to detect this mold at the earliest stages. Such mold can completely destroy your Cannabis plant and render it useless. To know more about how you can prevent mold from affecting your Cannabis plant read on.

marijuana seeding, bud rotPrune and Train the Cannabis Plant Often

When you train and prune your plants on a regular basis, you can prevent mold growth like bud rot. Ventilation and humidity is impacted greatly by how crowded and dense your canopy is. So if you prune your plants in an effective manner you can increase the airflow reducing the collection of moisture. When you train your plants, the ventilation is increased further. The colas are pulled away from each other in a manner that they no longer touch each other.

Protect Cannabis from Rain and Humidity

If you are able to protect your Cannabis plant from excessive moisture you can prevent bud rot easily. By watering your plants every morning you will prevent the onset of humidity in your garden after sun set. You can also protect Cannabis plants from rain and avoid bud rot. The best way to keep cannabis plants from being exposed to rain water is to build a green house. You can also consider keeping your plants indoors. Leaf blowers are also what you can use to wick water off the Cannabis plants.

Medical cannabis bud, beautiful flower marijuana plants, the tip of the plant trichomes, bud rotGrowing Cannabis Plants Organically

When your Cannabis plants have healthy immune systems these can fight off mold growth like bud rot. You should thus try to grow the plants organically using diverse nutrients and compost tea. When you do so, you end up increasing the beneficial microbes that strengthen the immune system of Cannabis. You make it ready to fight any kind of infection that might come its way. Compost tea and nutrients to grow Cannabis organically are products you can come across online. By buying these online you also get to procure them at very low prices.

Thus, there are many ways by which you can deal with problems like mold growth from affecting your Cannabis.