The top 7 Places on the Web Where you can Learn more on Cannabis.

Best Cannabis blog

When you sift around the web in search of cannabis blogs, you won’t be disappointed at all because there are so many of those sites around. You, as an ardent follower of this site, you might only know this site and that’s okay.

Even if you only know of medical secrets, I can assure you that you are pretty much covered because medicalsecrets is the best site on cannabis around the web, thumbs up to us!

But apart from us, I’m sure you have asked yourself what other cannabis sites are around and up to today, you had no definite answer as to what some of those sites are.

Over the last three weeks, the team behind this blog has been going around the web in search of other websites and blogs that share information related to cannabis and we saw some pretty interesting sites that have some valuable content on cannabis and it’s no doubt that you will learn a lot by visiting and going through the sites.

Without wasting much time, here are 10 places on the web where you can go and learn more about cannabis and the study of it.

2. Leafly

Wait, if you were paying attention, you are probably thinking that I made a mistake by leaving out number 1, well, this was a deliberate decision. Why mention the most popular and the first when you are already reading it! Nevertheless, Leafly is a very valuable marijuana blog which mainly focuses on the different marijuana strains around including where you can get them regardless of the purpose you might need them for.

3. The Cannabist

The name for this particular cannabis blog as you guessed was extracted from Cannabis. The site particularly focuses on the news around topical issues involving cannabis. A new post is added to this Cannabis blog at least once a day with a relevant news story and they have a weekly newsletter.

4. The Cannabis Business Blog

Ever since Cannabis began getting legalized and receiving positive feedback, many companies began seeing the profit making potential of this industry. This increasing demand coupled with lack of information around how to do business in this field left a huge void that had to be field.

To fill this void, the Cannabis Business Blog came into play and they have been doing a great job in sharing business advice on cannabis.


Unlike all the other Marijuana blogs, Norml is more political. Their main focus area is advocacy around the areas of legislation around Cannabis. If you are looking for laws pertaining to the conditions of legality for Marijuana in your own state, you can use this site to get such information.

Also, you can opt in to live updates of breaking news regarding to the legislation of Marijuana so that you can stay up to date.

6. High times

This is one of the rockstar blogs that disseminates some of the best information on cannabis. The High times blog shares all types of information regarding marijuana from entertainment to medicinal. It’s a valuable resource.

7. Cannabis Culture

Cannabis culture is not primarily a blog. It is a Digital Magazine that focuses on cannabis. Their blog focuses on the behavioral aspects of cannabis and how they’ve been evolving. The site in itself offers unbelievable value and some valuable information to keep you informed and entertained.

I said above that medicalsecrets, ie, this blog is the best cannabis blog on the web. I think it’s vitally important for me to explain why I made such an exclamation. As medicalsecrets, our blog is segmented into legislation, information, health, cannabinoids and news.

For news, we cover each and every state in the US and dish out our news on demand. When also have a newsletter that’s delivered right to your mailbox with updates of our new posts. Let’s connect and let’s learn more about medical marijuana together.