Alaska Just Opened Its First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Recreational marijuana dispensary, recreational marijuana, weed

The United Stated has run a very lease over the sale of medicinal and recreational cannabis for a very long time. With time, the government’s legalization laws are becoming more lenient. More and more states are passing legalization laws on medicinal cannabis. This has been considered good governance by many economists and doctors.

Recreational cannabis dispensary. Young caucasian woman smelling homegarden grown plant, recreational marijuana dispensaryCannabis is a wonder herb. It is very useful in treating patients suffering from a score of diseases like cancer, glaucoma, sickle cell anemia, AIDS, gastrointestinal disorder, schizophrenia and many more. It helps in curing loss of appetite, nausea, insomnia and chronic pains. Doctors and physicians have defined the potent and capability of this plant through numerous research and experiments. This has led to legalization of medical marijuana in many states.

Recreational marijuana is legal in only four states namely Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. In these states, people are allowed to buy cannabis just to get high. Alaska has recently opened its first recreational cannabis dispensary. The outcome has been phenomenal.

Herbal Outfitters

This recreational cannabis dispensary goes by the name Herbal Outfitters. It is located in the south-central town of Valdez. 250 eager marijuana fans waited for hours before the shop finally opened at noon.

Recreational cannabis dispensary, recreational marijuana, weedThis is the first ever shop in Alaska that sells cannabis to customers for recreational purposes. You can buy a restricted amount due to local laws. Many customers and well-wishers came to Herbal Outfitters on its opening to browse and buy. For some this was the first time the government showed ‘signs of democracy’.

On its first day, the shop sold 10 different strains to marijuana purchased from two main cultivators- Greatland Ganja from Kasilof and Green Rush Gardens LLC in the town of Sterling.

Derek Morris, the General Manager of Herbal Outfitters said it will sell only cannabis flowers for now. With time, it may sell cannabis oil, extracts, wax and tinctures.

Legalization Initiatives and Background

Alaska legalized cannabis in the year 2014 through a statewide ballot initiative. It dictated that only individuals who are 21 years or older can consume or carry this drug. According to Generally, you can carry a maximum an ounce of cannabis outside your home, and 4 ounces when inside. You can have a maximum of 6 plants if you are a cultivator.

With the onset of recreational cannabis legalization, hopefully Herbal Outfitters will not be the only recreational cannabis dispensary.