Advocates to Outreach for Education about Medical Benefits of Marijuana for PSTD Treatment

medical benefits of marijuana
medical benefits of marijuana

As Colorado treads on the path of generating Marijuana tax revenue (for diversion to mental health) there is one more triumph that the state rejoices in. June 2017 saw the passing of the bill that enlisted PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment. Since Amendment 20, this is the first time that we see the addition of this condition. Amendment 20 was made in 2000, making medical marijuana system a part of the state constitution. It is now, after a three-year long struggle, that we recognize the benefits of medical marijuana for the treatment of PSTD.


The Present Efforts to Further Acceptance for Medical Benefits of Marijuana

A few advocates who had played an active part in getting the status for PSTD came together again past September (28th) to take their effort further. The agenda was to discuss about education and outreach regarding marijuana treatment for PSTD.

Dr Sarah Berke from Holos Health was the keynote speaker. Holos Health is a firm in Denver, that recommends (in eligible cases) marijuana treatment coupled with other holistic treatments. At present, she is a known cannabis medicine specialist. Her presentation during this meet focused on different methods of giving marijuana treatment to PSTD patients. These include ingestion, inhalation, topical application (oils and tinctures), juicing as well as transdermals.

She noted that Cannabis as “clinically proven to extinguish the ‘Intrusive Memories’ that trigger episodes of PTSD,” She also advised that one can “Inhale to fall asleep, ingest to stay asleep,” because it has the ability to relieve sleep disorders and anxiety. These two account as major symptoms of PSTD.

marijuana treatment
marijuana treatment

Why Specialists Support Medical Use of Marijuana

Most speakers at the meet seconded Berke. Matt Kahl, another speaker supported the argument with the narration of his experience on returning from his second Afghanistan tour in 2011. He recalled, “I thought I was going to die,” with the heavy drugs that VA had prescribed, causing jaundice. He said that cannabis ended the dark period for him. He still carries on a cannabis regimen to which he attributes his “full clinical remission of PTSD”.

Kahl has been on the mission for years. For him, it began at Denver YMCA when he got a chance for a conversation with Gov. John Hickenlooper. The present address from Kahl was, thus, celebratory in tone and sentiment. The enlisting of PSTD as qualifying for treatment through medical use of marijuana is a triumph for all the supporters, indeed.

The talk witnessed an attendance of around 75 people who wish to discuss and further the cause of medical benefits of marijuana for PSTD. Since the inclusion has eventually happened, it becomes necessary to spread awareness and education through an outreach program.

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