9 Weed Accessories For Dudes

Ingredients to roll a joint on a rustic wooden table, weed accessories

Cannabis has been the cause of many revolts, debates and discussions for a very long time. Some people tend to understand how useful this plant really is. The rest of the world still turns a blind eye towards its qualities. Inspite of all the differences, the cannabis culture has developed at a fast rate. Even if a person isn’t into weed, you may find him or her wearing a t-shirt with a marijuana leaf print.

Marijuana has also created a scope for businesses to make some profit. Thousands of companies out there now produce weed related accessories in abundance. They are stylish and useful. Some of the must-have weed accessories for guys are listed here.

Ingredients to roll a joint on a rustic wooden table, weed accessories#1: Death Star Grinder

Now who doesn’t enjoy Star Wars? This little accessory is an excellent showpiece and will help you grind your herb in style.

#2: Make America High Again Shirt

Whether you’re a Trump or a Hillary, this t-shirt is a must have for all guys. It has a solid color with the line ‘Make America High Again’ printed on its chest.

#3: Gold Pot Leaf Snapback

This snapback with a gold marijuana leaf print almost goes with everything. It’ll make you look cool and hip no matter how and where you wear it.

Rear covers smartphone, weed accessories#4: Wiz Khalifa Rolling Tray

Wiz Khalifa and marijuana complement each other perfectly. Now you can roll and grind your joint on this Wiz Khalifa rolling tray with much ease and satisfaction.

#5: Good Green iPhone 6 Case

For all the iPhone users out there, this good green case will take you and your phone ‘higher’ and its one of the most bought weed accessories out there.

#6: Custom JanSport Galaxy Book-bag

This book-bag doesn’t just have a badass design and look, it’s pretty effective. You can now buy your own Galaxy book-bag from Etsy.

Back view of a hacker wearing a hoodie and stealing a password on a laptop screen, weed accessories#7: Faded Hoodie

Winter is coming. Whether you choose to be a Stark or a Lannister, this faded hoodie is a must have for your closet. It is one of the coolest weed accessories in the market.

#8: Custom Weed Vans

With Etsy, you can now design and buy your very own marijuana Vans pair. You can have weed leaf prints, bong prints or any other creative print relating to cannabis.

#9: Cheeseburger Stash Jar

Every cannabis user and enthusiast needs a stash jar to store his or her precious goods. Now though it looks a bit cheesy, this innocent Cheeseburger stash jar can go a long way.

Whether you’re a daily smoker or just an innocent enthusiast, whether you’re a cultivator or a consumer, these 9 must have weed accessories should brighten up your weed closet.