6 Crazy Ways You Can Get High

getting high, getting stoned, marijuana consumption, cannabis consumption

The cannabis culture has spread throughout the world like wild fire. Gradually more and more people are getting into this realm. This magical herb has more than just a handful of uses. Doctors and patients favor marijuana strains for various diseases. The hemp is used to make ropes and bags.

There are various methods of cannabis intake. The most common method is smoking, followed by ingesting through cannabis infused food products. There are other ways you could get high. Here is a list of 8 methods to get your eye rolling.

get high, cannabis consumption, getting high, getting stoned#1: Capsules

In this method, the cannabis extracts are put inside a capsule and ingested. A cannacap can be very potent as it enters the blood stream pretty fast. It is best to consume a cannabis capsule with a full stomach or you might regret it.

#2: Tinctures

Sometimes alcohol extracts are used to make a concentrated cannabis product. Manufacturers generally use the trimmed leaves and flowers of the plant to make tinctures.  To get high with tincture requires you to place a few drops of it under your tongue. This way it enters your blood stream fast. Since this form is very concentrated, tinctures should be taken in small amounts.

#3: HotBoxing

This is a passive smoking technique applicable only when you’re smoking in groups. Get yourself and your friends into an enclosed space like a small room or a car. Seal the windows. Ask your friends to smoke up. You just have to sit and enjoy the second hand smoke. Step out every few minutes to get some oxygen into your lungs and then get back.

#4: Rectal Administration

People would obviously find it weird if stuff were shoved up their buttocks. Nevertheless, believe it or not, cannabis rectal administration can have you get high really fast really bad. This is so because the THC enters the body without having to pass many organ systems.

get high, getting high, getting stoned, marijuana consumption, cannabis consumption#5: Vaporizers

This is a healthier way of getting stoned as it removes resins and removes 95% of the smoke. Vaping devices doesn’t burn the strain completely, it just heats it to a certain level. If you want to be a stoner, but you don’t want yellow teeth, vaporizers are for you.

#6: Sprays

THC Sprays are an excellent way for you and your pals to get high. It is similar to tinctures, only here you have to spray it once or twice into your mouth. The high can be pretty good and can last for a few hours.

Even though, there are default methods of doing things, never regret stepping out of your comfort zone. These incredible techniques can get you pretty high. Next time you have your friends over for the weekend; try out some of these methods.