4 Surprising Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Marijuana

Healthy Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds in a Bowl, raw marijuana, raw hemp, raw weed

Cannabis is like a magical plant. It holds the cure for hundreds of diseases. It helps the stressful world relax. It helps you grow. This little plant is rich in a certain compounds like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer compounds. These compounds are called cannabidiols (CBD). These compounds have several functions and help the human body in million numbers of ways.

Raw Weed

Raw marijuana is a godsend for the people of the world. It has all the essentials a man or a woman needs to have a happy and fruitful life. Once this plant is heated or burnt all these good properties leave the plant along with the smoke. When you smoke cannabis, most of its useful compounds are lost and in its place a psychoactive compound called THC is formed. This compound is responsible for the ‘high’.

Healthy Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds in a Bowl, raw marijuana, raw hemp, raw weedIf the plant is kept intact and the raw cannabis is juiced out of it, all the important compounds stay intact. The human body has endocannabinoid receptors. When CBD enter the body, they can normalize the immune functions, cell communication, and other functional systems.In simpler terms, it speeds up the human metabolism and keeps the body stable.

If you want to obtain the health benefits of marijuana juice it out rather than smoking it. Here are 4 health benefits of juicing raw marijuana.

#1: Reduce Cellular Dysfunction

Cellular dysfunction is a common sequence of sepsis and other systemic inflammatory conditions. Impaired energy production is the main cause behind the dysfunction. Raw cannabis has anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties which reduces the effects.

raw cannabis, raw weed, raw marijuana#2: Diminish Autoimmune Disorders

This disease occurs when your immune system thinks your healthy body cells are foreign and starts attacking them. Some common diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, celiac sprue disease and pernicious anemia. Raw marijuana consumption helps in reducing the side effects of these diseases by engaging the immune system.

#3: Treat Chronic Inflammations

This disease is a long-term inflammation, which can last for many months and years. It can result from: Failure to eliminate inflammation causing matter. Cannabis has been used for a while now to treat chronic pains and inflammations due to its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

 #4: Kill Cancer Cells

Many modern research papers show that cannabis does help in killing the tumor or cancer cells. They inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed for tumors to grow.

So it can be concluded that raw marijuana is a much better option if you are looking to use the plant medicinally and for health. If you want to get high, you always have the OCB and lighter lying around.