11 Odd Facts About Marijuana You Must Know

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Cannabis is the wonder drug of today. A lot about it is known, and a lot of it is unknown. Inspite of all the researches and experiments, cannabis has remained a partial mystery to the society.

medical marijuana, odd facts, Here is a list of 11 odd facts about Marijuana.

#1: Mythical Origin

Some conjectures and theories date back to 300 B.C. China. Taiwanese history has recorded the first ever usage of hemp. Inspite of all these records, there is no solid evidence about who first used the plant.

#2: Using Hemp

The great statues of Easter Island weight about 4.35 metric tons. Archaeologists and historians have wondered about how ancient people moved these gigantic statues. There have been many theories and odd facts behind it. In 2012, a research proved that all they needed was a hemp rope to move these statues.

#3: Hemp vs. Pot

Some cannabis plants produce hemp while the rest generates buds that contain THCA. So why the difference? The reason is simple. Pot has a gene which is responsible for producing psychoactive THC which hemp doesn’t have.

medical marijuana, odd facts#4: Gender Specific

Cannabis has varied effects on men and women. Women tend to be more sensitive towards the THC.

#5: Pot on Pets

People are using marijuana to treat their pets who maybe suffering from a certain disorder. This trend is rather new.

#6: Heart and Pot

There is no conclusive result on whether cannabis harms the heart. Though it has been used to treat High BP and heart problems in the past.

#7: Nomenclature

Unlike wine, pot has simpler names. Nomenclature depends on the type, structure, color and effect of the strain, for example Purple Haze, Green Crack and similar types.

#8: In the Air

A 2012 study showed trace amounts of cannabis are wafting through the air around the Colosseum and the Pantheon in Rome, as well as in seven other Italian cities.

marijuana bud, odd facts#9: Baby Soap

A study showed that some babies in the hospital tested positive for marijuana. One of the odd facts behind it was that the baby was soapy. Later tests however did not find pot in baby soap.

#10: Pot isn’t All Green

All strains are not green. Some have purple and reddish blends. You just need to choose the correct type of blends to know a different color.

#11: Owls and Pots

Owls were found dead in a plot of land where marijuana was harvested illegally. This was due to usage of rat poison on the land. Rat poison also affects human beings.

Admit it or not, you never knew about all these facts about the wonderful healing herb. That is why, these odd facts will make you feel knowledgeable, the next time you want to speak about marijuana.