About Us

james brinkerhoffJames Brinkerhoff, Co-Founder 
[email protected]

In October of 2104 James was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. Through the journey of his own healing, James has made it his mission to help as many people as he can by sharing his extensive knowledge and experience of cannabis and other medicinal herbs with the world. As a young man, James studied various forms of natural healing such as Chinese medicine, polarity therapy, and nutrition.

After graduating from Heartwood Healing Art Institute James became passionate about medicinal herbs spent the next 16 years developing medical marijuana cultivation sites, aromatic herb farms and consulting small medical cannabis collectives.

In 2010, James moved from the emerald triangle in sunny California to Colorado where he and his wife became one of the first licensed medical cannabis companies in the state.

With close to 25 years of experience in the natural health industry, James Brinkerhoff is considered a pioneer of the modern day Cannabis movement.

His passion for being in the garden brought him recognition from industry leaders and is now developing one of the largest greenhouse cultivation centers in the state of Colorado, setting a new industry standard for quality and performance.

His mission to inform people of the possibility of healing with plant medicines like cannabis inspired James and Sonia to build one of the largest cannabis education platforms and social media followings on the internet.
James lives with his beautiful wife at the foot of the rocky mountains in Boulder, Colorado.

When he’s not in the office, he is chasing after his four kids and exploring the natural world.

sonia gomezSonia Gomez Co-Founder [email protected]

Sonia Gomez has fought through the trenches of transformation using natural herbs since she was a little girl. Sonia became a respected entrepreneur at the young age of 25 when she moved her to Colorado to support the writing of the legislation that legalized cannabis for medical use in 2009. She pioneered the industry as one of the first licensed cannabis companies in the state and later left the company on a quest to make a larger impact on the industry.

Sonia Gomez co-founded www.medicalsecrets.com motivated to inform and educate people about natural health practices and the powers of plant medicines. In 6 months www.medicalsecrets.com and her social media communities have grown to be one of the largest cannabis education platforms on the internet today.

Her passion for helping people get the truth about cannabis and other natural remedies brought her to start her webcast which grew to reach over 3 million people in the first 5 episodes and continues to expand its reach and popularity.

When she’s not helping the people in her community or entertaining the world with cannabis news she is chasing after her 4 kids, and sneaking off for romantic getaways with her husband and best friend of 20 years.