Young woman smoking marijuana, smoking weed, women smoking weed

With all the chauvinism and inequality going about the world today, living a stress free life seems like a distant dream. Gender inequality and divisions have seeped into all spheres of life from domestic to corporate issues. Men don’t seem to understand that women are just as good or sometimes even better. Women don’t understand how feminism isn’t equality.

However there is one common denominator which has united the people of the world be it a man or a woman, a Christian or a Muslim, an Afro-American or an Asian. The common denominator is cannabis. Smoking weed is a like connecting the dots leading to a unified world.

Young woman smoking marijuana, smoking weed, women smoking weedWomen and weed have complemented each other for ages now. For starters, both are female, both have high demand and both have deep effects on people.

Ladies Running Cannabis Industry

Women, through their intellect, in-built intuition system and hard work are taking over the world. The ratio of male to female is stabilizing. There are more women doctors, lawyers, academics, professors in the world today. So why not have an industry completely run by women. The cannabis industry is incredibly profitable and has added to the US economy in billions of dollars. If you’re a woman and you know how to lead and you indulge in smoking weed, you’re ready to jump in.

Women Leading Cannabis Reform

Women are a major part of the weed legalization groups and activists in the world today. More and more ladies are protesting against marijuana bans around the world. Women Grow is one such group which has expanded over the years.

Getting high. Young woman smoking a joint. Selective focus., medical marijuana, smoking weed, women smoking weedCreative Spark in Women

Cannabis is said to act as a muse for the creative individual hiding inside you. It makes the human mind more creative and imaginative. Women smoking weed have had that creative spark for ages now. Scientists say women have a better cognitive system than men. Cannabis acts as a catalyst in the cause.

Marijuana and Periods

Periods are the most stressful part of the lives of women. There is this excruciating pain inside you every 28 days. Cannabis is said to have helped in easing this pain and helping them relax. So it is like a godsend for the women kind.

Cannabis and Anxiety

Studies show that women are 40% more likely to develop anxiety and stress than men. Cannabis is once again a life saver. Smoking weed will help you women relax and kill that stress.

Not a Guy Thing

More and more women are breaking into the cannabis culture defying the silly stereotypes. The last few years have shown marked increase in the number of female participants in the cannabis culture.

Weed and Women go hand in hand and its time they realize on why guys should have all the fun.



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